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Re: All Hail the King! - January 28th 2017, 01:53 AM

I wanted him to win over Hillary for sure. I think economically, things will improve. Socially, probably not.
After cringing through the entire pro-life thing on one of the Snapchat news stories it said something like he already signed off for the government to discontinue funding to places like Planned Parenthood, which was my biggest fear for his presidency. Definitely not sure if that's entirely true or not, as it was freaking Snapchat news and I haven't gotten a chance to do my own research on that.
Luckily I got a years worth of birth control, but what about the other 3 years?
I'm very cautious and a little scared to be honest.

However, I have hopes for him and I'm definitely all for giving him a chance. I didn't like everything Obama did, but I still respected him as my president, because it takes a strong person to take on the difficult role of leading an entire country. I think these immature rioters and protestors should keep that in mind too.

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