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Re: 2nd year uni - April 29th 2009, 04:06 AM

I'll soon be in 3rd year university, so I suggest taking a break from studying every now and then. The breaks can be watching TV, jogging around the street, going to a public area just for the hell of it, going to a gym, etc... .

You need sleep, if you're dead tired, you're going to feel more or less like horseshit. Get a nice, long sleep, wake up nice and refreshed then study. If you're very tired, then you're not going to retain as much information, it'll only set you back, you'll get more emotionally distressed over it and the spiral continues.

Also, what is your goal, what career(s) do you hope to achieve? Myself I wish to go into neuroscience, neurology, forensic psychology or something else in medicine or psychology or forensics. I know, it's more or less scattered but it's an overall goal. I then set sub-goals, sub-sub goals, and so forth, such as get a high mark in a certain course, get a high mark on the upcoming tests and papers, etc.... . As I fulfill each, I'm small bits closer to obtaining my overall goal.

Many people at university are focused on their studies, unless they're the group that'd rather get shitfaced and show up like a drunken slob. I assume you're not amongst the second group.

You can try to talk to someone in your lecture, when it begins, sit next to them and start idle conversation regarding the course. It can be a male, female, younger, older, prettier, uglier, etc... . It doesn't really matter.

One thing I'd highly suggest is form a study group. Not only can you socialize later but it can make learning the material easier, relieve emotional distress, etc... .