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Re: help - April 29th 2009, 05:36 AM

it would not work, his job is to get criminals out of jail, he a bastard lawyer bribing every 1 for every reason.....police and the entire law system is useless / based to law if they divorce the costity goes to my mother / back to his crap he managed to get an exception threatening my mother with the /costity/ paper he got from the court *he already has it but back to our law and ages there is NO way he can but if the nmother is dead yet he got it, so he is gonna turn around the law once again to get him self out, beside it would not be stupid to shoot him, may be I will destroy those *debris of a life* that I have but other 3 people would have the chance to live saftely.
3.I have health and psychologival issues ,when I am angry my adrenaline jumps overr the roof/ as my heart beat rate/ and I no more control my actions /I did beat up people b4/

If ur at the bottom then cheer it only can go better
If you are lonely then smile
You do not need them to stay alive
If they hurt you bad ,been hurt worst and every thing is just pushing u down...
And even though you are strong enough to survive

p.m me.........I quite like it