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Question Not exactly rape or abuse but- - March 25th 2017, 03:02 PM

My father and I are very close, more than I am with my mother who has now stopped talking to me, but she still cooks food for me, buys things for me and etc.

When I was little privacy wasn't a thing, my entire family didn't care about our bodies and what others thought about it. As I grew up, I began to change in private, close the bathroom doors if I had to do something and etc.

I'm going to university soon and my dad and I have gotten closer as I one day asked him a lot of questions, mostly about him and himself. And we bonded. But after that, he started acting differently. Like asking if I had a boyfriend, which he never does, when I stayed after school or went to school early. And I did this before, but he never asked a question like that. Also I sleep with my parents. Yes I know weord- but we don't do anything. My parents don't trust me to sleep in my own room because I go on my phone at night. But that's not important. My dad touches me, but he's been doing this when I was little too. Like back rubs through my shirt. But sometimes he touches my butt, which I'm not comfortable with. It was different before. He used to make fun of me, and my mom touched my butt too just commenting how I had a big butt like her and my dad would laugh and make fun of it. But now he's touching my butt when I'm 'sleeping' and hugging me a little that I can feel his penis-ish. And I noticed it was a little hard. I'm terrified and I've been contemplating of doing something so that he can be mad at me and we'd get distant and this will all stop. I hate myself for the type of family that is a little too close. Like I need help. Advice please! This is screwed up I know, but for me I'm used to it since I grew up in this sort of way.

I really hope maybe I'm just imagining a few things.