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Re: Living in Dorms Tips? - March 31st 2017, 09:46 PM

Originally Posted by Lelola View Post
The main concern is mostly that there is a risk of fire which actually is more likely to occur from overloading the outlets with electrical appliances. And the small risk in older models that did not have a vent hole and so they basically created a pressure cooker bomb by clamping down the lid which is supposed to be only done during transport.

The benefit of being able to cook food in a slow cooker is enormous though. A microwave may not be able to cook decent food sometimes. If they do not have a decent plan, they may be responsible for getting their own food and this helps with some basic staples. A slow cooker can cook a lot of different meals and I think it is more valuable than a microwave when living on a budget or paycheck to paycheck.
yikes, sounds like a nightmare. Hopefully soon I can get an idea of what making meals will be like there so I can make a decision on appliances

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