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Re: Inner conflict - April 5th 2017, 08:22 PM

I am going to look for a psychiatrist through the website. I got referred to a different gastroentologist and I have an appt. With an eye doctor.

I am now prescribed vitamin D3 and B complex as i found out i am deficient. Swallowing pills is so painful. I almost forgot why I avoided it for this long. It is daunting to think it will be this way for the next 6 months.

Mt dr said I won't have to have a colonoscopy on my first visit with the GI. She said first step is just a check in and i will memtion my family history and then the GI doctor will decide from there.

My thyroid appears to be functioning based on my blood test so I was told i dont need an ultrasound at this time.

I started keeping record the last couple days of any abdomin discomfort, indigestion, stomach noises, trouble in the bathroom etc.
I write down physical signs like the last few days I've been having ongoing headaches and fatigue. I am thinking of also keeping record of foods I eat. And the thing I want to also do us have a similar record but for my moods and behaviors. IT is a lot of recording and it wI'll take sone adjusting. I hope it wI'll help the doctors and also for myself like I might identify triggers that way.