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Re: Therapist isnt listening - April 16th 2017, 04:44 PM

Hey there, it's okay to find a new therapist if he's not right for you, and if this isn't a recent issue (everyone has bad days), I'd consider it.

I think he might be saying that if you (hopefully meaning together) raise your self-esteem then that's your solution for dealing with people. Like you say, there will always be difficult people, but you can get yourself to a place where they don't bother you as much. Not that that will make you bulletproof, you're still human, but negative crap from others will be less painful. I'm not saying he's right or wrong, but I think that's what he meant.

Either way, you should feel listened to and like he understands what a big deal these things are to you. So, my 2 cents is bring this up with him, and if you feel unheard or it doesn't change, start looking for someone else. Remember, therapists work for you, do if they aren't what you need, it's okay to say so.

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