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Re: Really need help quickly - April 17th 2017, 10:09 AM

I had a similar toothache recently. Baking soda sometimes helped. Brush with baking soda, get it in there, see if that neutralizes and cleans.

I also tried sensodyne toothpaste.

There is tooth ache liquid pain killer from any drug store, pharmacy. Ambisil, look in the dental section, get cheaper generic version.

Beyond that, sooner you see dentist, sooner and cheaper it will be to fix. Wait and tooth keeps decaying, then it's much more expensive to fix, or it may be too late and tooth must be removed, which can cost a lot if it's a hard one to remove.

Dentist can work out a payment plan. May give a discount if you are a poor student.

Tell dentist your situation, ask if they will accept a treat now, pay later arrangement.

There is usually an emergency dentist on call for night emergencies. A little internet searching may find it, or call one and see if their answering machine or service mentions who's on call or what number to call for dental emergencies.