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Re: Empty - April 19th 2017, 03:00 PM


I'm sorry, it seems like you're feeling pretty stuck right now. Sometimes life can make it seem like theres nothing more you can do to solve a problem and that's ok because I think everyone gets like that sometimes. I want to remind you that there are unlimited ways to fix every problem life throws at us and as tiring as it is to keep trying to find the one that works, you must carry on. I can see that things are particularly hard for you right now, but you're still here. You say you want to die, but you haven't. You're still going, you're still strong. You're absolutely capable of getting through this.

Are you speaking to anyone outside of TH at the moment? It doesn't have to be a therapist, but a friend or trusted family member can make the world of difference when you feel stuck. People have individual views on things and someone else may think of something you couldn't see that could help you. Alternatively, just talking can make you feel liberated because the thoughts are no longer stuck in your own head so it's a weight off. Feeling alone is the worst thing you can do so I really encourage you to find a person you trust and talk to them when things are getting you down.

If there is ever a time you can't find someone, you can try getting some fresh air or putting your thoughts down another way. Try writing something, for example. A diary, or a poem or story can be really helpful for lots of people. If you're more artistic you could try drawing your feelings, or making something out of paper/card that depicts how you feel so that it's no longer trapped inside you.

You CAN do this. No matter what your own thoughts are telling you, you've done it up until now, so you can keep doing it. It really isn't easy, but that shouldn't mean you give up. You're young and there are many years to face which will bring both challenges and joy, so please don't give up. I see you on this site so much and you're a really wonderful person, so you deserve to keep going. You deserve to find something that will help, so please keep trying.

Look after yourself, ok?