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Re: My Little Brother is Getting Bullied. I Need Help! - May 10th 2017, 03:52 PM

Thanks for the reply!!

Currently he goes to an expert (we call her Ms. K) but he has been going less and less because that was for his slight autism. He is also not comfortable talking with her and I know this because he has been assigned by her to write about his du every day and he is reluctant to include emotional things such as how he feels and stuff like that.
My brother LOVES playing games! Maybe even too much. I never mentioned that he's really smart, but he can recall any car model and year if you just point to it on the street. He is a little slower at school though, and maybe not the brightest fish in the ocean when it comes to things like English and Marh. But he does currently play hours of video games every week. We've been trying to get him off and engage him in other activities but then he complains because he as would rather be playing video games.
My parents are pretty much one step away from storming in there and asking for answers. I discouraged them to get involved because I know that especially for elementary kids, that can make the bullying worse. I think what he needs is really a group of good friends to sit with and make him feel like he is included and accepted. Mr. Gong (his teacher and a very good one) as been reluctant to step in because of these reasons but he is supporting Brandon in any way he can until we can come to a decision that involves the family input.
I will try to spend that extra time, but our scheduals are way different. I wake up at 6:00 am to got to school and he gets up at 7:00am. I get home and immediately start on homework, which is about two hours. Dinner we sped together but since the whole family is there he is reluctant to talk. And then bedtime and another day. It is only the weekend that I get any downtime with him. We are also very different people. I take school very seriously and he kinda just wants to do the minimum. He also loves all things mechanical and I love all things with cells and organs and that move and live and think. The only thing we can bond over is experiences in school and video games (yes I play them too).
I will really try, and maybe I'll have more information in a few days.