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Self harm tool - May 10th 2017, 06:32 PM

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Not sure if this is the right place - sorry if it isn't.
So my dad got a splinter and asked me to help cause he couldn't get it out. He was digging for it with tweezers and a nail clipper and couldn't get it all out. He got part of it out but not the part that was buried more deeply in his hand.
I have a ___, something i use to self harm sometimes - it's pretty sharp and very accurate and I've also used it to dig out splinters I've gotten at work.
I was torn between asking if he wanted to use that to get the splinter out - after cleaning/sterilizing it of course - but i was scared about him asking why i have it/where i got it/what i use it for so i kept quiet. What should I have done?

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