Thread: Non-PG13 (Strong Language): got hit by car. now Im being sued.
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Angry got hit by car. now Im being sued. - June 11th 2017, 05:49 AM

What. The. Fuck. I got hit by a cr, and the guy is suing me 100k because there is a dent in the hood ow his tesla. this ass was drunk and hit me while I was on the sidewalk. he then got out of his car and started to yell at me for being in the way. he even tryed to kick me when I didn't get up. No major body problems except for a bruise the size of a water mellon on my hip and lower back. and a concussion.

Asshat. he wants a new tesla now. I know him ish. and his parents want him to buy a new one. hees 17.

srry. must rant.