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Re: Stuck - June 16th 2017, 04:19 AM

It's completely okay to start off late, even in your schooling. I'm not sure where you're from, but here in America sometimes adult learners get even more help than those right out of high school, there are more grants and things for them. I currently have an associate degree and have been out of school for about 3 or 4 years, and I've most recently decided to try and go back for a bachelors. I'm getting more grants and things because I'm an adult learner. From where you're living, is there any kind of government aid? In the U.S. we have what's called the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. When you fill that out it will give you an idea of what you can get help with as far as paying for your schooling goes.

In the time I was between schooling, I was in and out of work because of my anxiety. I know some of what you're going through with that. Just keep working with your therapist and everything should work out. As far as deciding on courses to take, think about what you see yourself doing in the future, long and hard. I know that there are universities specifically geared towards online learning, in fact, I'm looking into attending one of those. Just make sure they're accredited, to do that, just simply call or email their admissions department and they can answer that question for you. You really don't want to go to one that isn't accredited.

Also, some colleges around here have an organization called TRiO which is specifically for people who have learning disabilities or issues that inhibit their ability to learn. What they do is coordinate between you and your instructors and come up with plans and things for your specific learning, say for instance you need to take a psychology course and a potentially triggering topic comes up - what would happen there is your instructor would either divert the attention to something else or dismiss you from the classroom until the topic has finished.

If you don't have a program specifically with that name then there are other services that your potential college could offer. Just make sure you look into these things and you'll be set. So, you could do the following:

- Check if the school has a program like TRiO.
- Check if the school is accredited.
- Check if the school offers and type of grants or scholarships.
- Check if there's any kind of government aid you can use. (which doesn't need to be paid back in most cases)
- You could possibly make a pro and con list of your most wanted courses to see which one has the most pros.
- Look into potential colleges that are geared specifically for online courses.
- Keep calm, relax, and let everything flow. What happens will happen and what could be, could be. Just let it all go and let it all play out and you'll do fine.

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