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new coping alternative - June 25th 2017, 01:46 PM

My new thing that isn't entirely new of course but my old thing rebranded as a self harm alternative is.....
*drum roll*

Watching cat videos

There's cats jumping in slow motion such as this one
And this one
And there's lots more of catd doing funny and cute things.

Also you can post a video here that helps you cope instead of self harm even if it just helped you prolong being free from self harm behaviors.
Even if it isn't of cats that's okay but you'll have to pay me in e-cookies if they're not of cats.

Also if they're of cats getting hurt don't post them and make sure they'really not of cats getting hurt because sadly there's those kinds of videos too and they will be titled as "funny" or "hilarious but they really are not
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