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Re: Been feeling really low.. - June 27th 2017, 07:10 PM

It can be difficult when your mind tends to replay things that you've done or experienced in the past. One thing to remind yourself is that you can't go back and change things, you can only improve going forward and you can put more of your energy into that.

It's sometimes easier said than done but could you try to work on forgiving yourself? When a thought about your past surfaces, you could say something like "I am sorry for the past, but I am working on my future and I am forgiving myself." If you say it enough times, you may be able to drill it into your head, so to speak.

Could you talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling? Sometimes just talking to someone can do a world of good. If you can't talk to anyone or you don't trust anyone around you, maybe you can keep a journal or blog to release your thoughts in a healthy way.

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