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Am I being emotionally abused? - July 26th 2017, 02:50 AM

I don't know whether I'm being emotionally and verbally abused by my dad. He always yells at me for things and tells me I'm going to amount to nothing and that I'm not good enough. On several circumstances he's told me to die and kill myself. And told me he doesn't want me and that he shouldn't have ended up with a daughter like me. Or that I'm not his daughter. And he considers everything I do disrespectful even though my sisters do the same and they aren't critized at all. They never get yelled at. If I wake up to late or even once say "I don't care" or "please leave me alone" I'm immediatly yelled at. Or if I wake up to late or am awake to lie he tells me to die. Maybe I'm over reacting. Is this normal? Am I causing this? Do I deserve it? At this point I probably do.