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Re: Pain and PTSD? - July 29th 2017, 02:25 PM

Everyone's symptoms are different so it is hard to say for sure but it sounds like a body memory. The idea behind a body memory is that the cells in the body hold memories of their own and when you experience pain like that, it is a body flashback as opposed to a visual one you may have.

The pain of the flashback feels very real and it is real, but there isn't a physical cause of the pain in the body other than the memory. However, if you are having doubts you can see a gynecologist to talk about it.

There are different ways to cope with body memories, depending on where in the body they are. What do you usually do when you're in pain? You could try walking around, for instance, to see if they go away.

Here is an article on one if you're interested in looking at different ways to cope.

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