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Re: I need help figuring out which parent to live with. - August 30th 2017, 07:59 PM

If you want to live with your dad than I would suggest that you discuss it with him to see if he would be willing to let you live with him. If he agrees, then you and him can figure out how to discuss it with your mom. The biggest issue I see you having to deal with, if your dad agrees to let you move in, is getting to a place where your mom will let you go. If she is brainwashing you and your brother and telling you all that your dad doesn't love you she is probably not going to be very accepting of you moving in with him. What your mom is doing by denying your dad the right to see your brother and by brainwashing you and your brother is considered parental alienation and it is viewed as abuse.

If your mom is angry enough at your dad to do that kind of stuff it is unlikely that she is going to let you go all that easily. That is why you need to talk to your dad about it so he can help figure out the best course of action in regards to dealing with your mom.

And, it is likely that your mom will be upset with you. I know my mom got quite upset when I chose to live with my dad when they divorced. However, if your mom stops talking to you or lets that anger get in the way of your relationship that is entirely on her. I mean, my brothers kid's prefer their mom (not for the same reasons that you want to live with your dad) and he hasn't let that interfere with his relationship with them. He is hurt by it, of course, but he cares enough about them and having a relationship with them to not let his hurt or anger get in the way of their relationship. If your mom can't do the same thing you can't really change that and it is something that she will have to figure out.

Best of luck.

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