Thread: Triggering (ED): Mirena IUD and ED
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Re: Mirena IUD and ED - September 2nd 2017, 02:01 AM

I don't have the answer however I do know birth control can sometimes 'act' weird when a person is struggling with an Eating Disorder. However, I have mostly only heard people who have had issues because they were purging.

However, eating disorders can naturally cause issues with periods so I don't think it's a far stretch to assume that when you are taking birth control and struggling that there can be issues.

I think that you need to consult the gynecologist. They might make you schedule an appointment but they might be able to give you some information without all that. There have been a few times when I have needed assistance from mine and they have been able to help me over the phone.

I know you probably don't want to have to get into all of this with your doctor but it's probably the only way for you to make certain that these issues aren't happening due to your restriction and to make sure that the birth control is still effective.

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