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Do I need to lose weight??? - November 7th 2017, 07:14 AM

I always feel fat but I don't know why. I don't know what is wrong with me... I am so tired of trying to lose weight, eating very little, doing hours of workouts a day and stuff like that... But I can't stop because I'm afraid that if I do stop I'm going to get even more fat and ugly. Why can't I lose weight? I tried everything... Eating healthy, working out, drinking more water, eating little, going on walks, ect... Nothing works. It's been almost two years now but I still can't be happy with my body.

I am [Edited] (I've been told that that is mostly my heavy bones, is that possible?) and I am 5'7. Is that a good weight? I think that's way too much but people say that if I lose any more weight I'm going to be too skinny. The most hardest part for me are my legs though... The rest of my body is fine I guess but I have thick thighs... Is that bad?

But really I don't know how I should look. I don't know how to look for guys to like me. I don't know how to build up my self confidence, and I really want to start loving myself... But whenever I look at myself next to other girls at school I feel so ugly next to them.... And that really brings me down. How can I take care of my body and make it look better? How can I be confident and start loving me for me? How can I overcome all those girls that look like models that make me feel ugly? Am I fat? Do I need to lose weight?

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