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Re: Hitchhiking - November 27th 2017, 12:19 AM

Hey there,

Firstly, I don't think anyone here will give you tips on how to hitchhike because there really are no safe tips. Hitchhiking is extremely dangerous.

If you are in the USA, your parents have a legal obligation to take care of you until you are of age. In most instances, that means that they have to provide for you until you are 18. I would suggest that you contact social services or the police about this situation. If your parents are neglecting you in anyway they should be able to help you.

I know this might not be the ideal option but, it would likely be a lot safer than hitchhiking. They would likely be able to help you figure out a living situation.

I know my city public transportation system has this thing where if someone says to the bus driver "I need a safe place" the driver will take them to a safe place for free and these places include a domestic violence shelter, a homeless shelter and a few other places as well. Your city might have something like that and so, if you have the means, maybe you could check google.

Best regards.

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