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Re: Hitchhiking - November 27th 2017, 03:02 AM

Hello and welcome to teenhelp. Thank you so much for coming on and telling us about this and joining.
I am so sorry that you are having a hard time right now. You do not want to hitchhike, it doesn't matter what is going on at home and I understand and not everybody gets along. Are you able to go to a friends house or a family member house like a aunt and uncle's or grandparents that you can call or call a friend and see if they can come and get you and let them know that you need to get out of you're house?
Hitchhiking is not the answer because you have very dangerous people who will pick you up and you don't know what will happen, okay.
I agree with what's said up about if you need help you can call the police or you can friend and have you're friends parents call somebody to see if they can call for help for you. I hope that you will be okay soon. And you are welcome to post more when you need to. I wish you the best. Lots of Hugs.