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Re: urgent, help! - December 6th 2017, 02:05 AM

If you took two pregnancy tests after the incident occurred (an incident which, by the way, is very unlikely to have caused pregnancy in the first place) and both said negative then your girlfriend is not pregnant. There are many reasons why a girl might miss her period, one of which is stress. Her bodily appearance could also change for many reasons; keep in mind that even if she was pregnant (which she's not) she would not necessarily look the same at 12 weeks as other women do because everyone is different.

Your girlfriend is not pregnant, but if you are truly concerned your girlfriend should call her PCP and schedule an exam/blood test. Most likely the PCP won't even prescribe the tests if you tell her two pregnancy tests were negative, but if it will put your mind at ease it's worth asking.

And please, PLEASE- if you're going to be sexual with your girlfriend, make sure you're using some form of contraceptives, preferably a secondary form in addition to condoms. That way you'll both have less stress if something doesn't go as planned.

Good luck.

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