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Re: Weird Feeling - January 6th 2018, 07:41 AM

I have similar things happen and I feel like the reason I have this happen is due to my PTSD. I struggle a lot with walking in public especially at night. If I am with someone it helps but I still don't like doing it. I used to walk to school and it was only a fifteen minute walk. I would have these feelings all the time and there were times when it would cause panic.

I tried discussing this with a therapist but they were not too much help. I can say that one of the things that worked for me is having something I felt I could use to protect myself. I never used a weapon but I would have my car keys and hold them a certain way. I knew, realistically, this might not do much but it did ease my concerns. It might be something to consider trying. Just find something to bring with you that makes you feel safe. I don't know what that will be though and like I said it doesn't (probably shouldn't) be a weapon of any kind.

I am not saying that your issue is caused by PTSD. I just know that is what has led to mine and so it might help for you to seek out a counselor to try and figure out what might be causing yours.

Best regards and pm me if you need.

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