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Re: Locked out of Facebook. - January 20th 2018, 06:33 AM

That has happened to me several times. I never cared too much to really look into it after the first time it happened, so I don't know if there's anyway to speed up the process. All I know is that, yeah, after about two or three days you can try logging in again and it should work. That's about the time it takes for them to "verify the picture" which seems weird enough on its own. (My facebook doesn't even have a profile picture or pic of me anywhere, so I don't know how a pic is a good way to verify that it's actually me, but whatever.)

It's just a thing that I've kind of accepted that sucks, but at least you can get back in eventually. I have no idea what the suspicious activity could have been though.

So yeah just wait a couple days and try again. If I can remember correctly I don't think they notified me at all when my account was "okay" to use again, so it's up to you to keep trying. The good news is it won't be deleted though.

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