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Re: Anyone got any advice on OCD face washing? - February 14th 2018, 08:46 PM

Hey there,

Have you considered talking to a therapist about this? I know that might be difficult to do but I think a therapist would be able to provide you with the tools to try and work on this. I know that therapist's can help identify the different OCD habits you might have and help you work on figuring out the best way to overcome them.

I know, for me, that a lot of the time I have to do the opposite of what my thoughts tell me. It isn't easy and I don't do it enough but it has helped. If my mind tells me that I have to do something a certain number of times I will ignore it and only to that specific thing once or twice etc. I have not ever reached out about the OCD thoughts/obsessions that I have. The last time I tried the therapist was not helpful. Due to that I don't have a lot of ideas/tools that I can suggest.

I hope that someone else might be able to provide you with more insight.

Best regards.

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