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Bad pain with insertion - March 10th 2018, 04:10 AM

I know I already have a thread up but this is a different topic so I didn't want to combine them and not get answers for one question or something.

Basically it's always been painful for me to insert anything. Tampons, fingers, medication ovules, all of them hurt so bad it doesn't work. I had my first Pap smear last month and I'm glad they changed the requirement to every three years because I was in so much pain I was nauseous.

My old gynecologist even looked to see if I had extra banding in my hymen that would be causing it but I don't. She said to talk to her again if it became an issue with sex.

I switched gynecologists for other reasons and saw her in February, and she said I could try to experiment with using my own fingers to ease things up, but I don't want to do that because it hurts.

While I don't want to have sex, I know this can become an issue due to the fact that if I ever have any infections, a lot of the medications are given with ovules, which is basically like an oval shaped ball of antibiotics. They're put in through insertion. I did an over the counter one once when I thought I had a yeast infection but I couldn't get it in so it fell out. Then it was determined that I had a different type of infection and needed antibiotics. Fortunately I got oral ones, but that's only because I said I CANNOT do the ovule. But, there's probably going to be a time where I need an ovule type, and it will be impossible!

Has anyone else experienced this?