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Re: What does TeenHelp mean to you? - April 4th 2018, 06:31 PM

What does TeenHelp mean to you personally? Teenhelp means so much to me, this place is one of the safest places that I can come and say whatever is going on with me. I don't always tell others about what is wrong with me or going on in my family or at school. But this place made me feel that it is okay to open up to other people and let them in and ask for help. I come onto teenhelp when I have no other place to go and I need help and I know that someone is going to listen to me and help me with whatever is going on with me, I'm very thankful I was able to find this. It's the best place that I have joined.

How do you use it? I use this by being a Helplink Mentor. No matter who comes on I am so glad that I am able to help them out with what they are going through. I want to make them feel better no matter what they have asked for on the Helplink and other posts. I am thankful to be part of that.

Are we currently fulfilling our Mission Statement? I believe that we are. I will always go back to the first Mission Statement, because that one says ( to provide support and advice to anyone in need). I really like this because it doesn't matter who you are, anyone is welcome to come onto teenhelp and get the help and support for what you are going through and I'm glad, for that.

Is there more that we could do? I like the idea's of the others are saying too about this. It's all great!

Or are you simply happy that our current Mission Statement is about right? (That's okay too!) I'm not sure what to add.
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