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Re: The arm implant - April 6th 2018, 01:35 AM

Originally Posted by Onism. View Post
For irregular bleeding it could be heavier or lighter than normal, or it could mean that you bleed some between periods. Iíve had mine going on two years now and lost my period entirely until recently when I started again. Besides that I havenít experienced anything much but everyone is different.

Yeah the doctor was really helpful and basically said that the bleeding happened for some but not everyone and she just wanted me to be okay. I've seen enough about nexplanon and have researched it enough to know I kind of have to be okay with irregular bleeding. I hope it doesn't lead to heavier bleeding as I like the light periods I get but this form seems quite effective and I'd prefer it for a lot of reasons.

I did look at bedsider and it mentioned headaches which could be a concern but I will be needing to see a neurologist at some point anyway so I can get in sooner and discuss headaches if necessary.

Thank you for all the help. It is appreciated.[/size]