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IVDD and toys. - April 7th 2018, 07:23 AM

Over the past few weeks my dog had some health issues that resulted in a slew of tests and specialists. Weve finally gotten results back from the neurologist and my dog was diagnosed with IVDD and had surgery. We are looking into stem cell therapy since there has been some success but we have to wait a bit till shes a tad bit stronger since the vets who specialize in it, are in the states. we are doing everything in order to make sure she has the best chance of recovery. Were meeting up next week with a few specialists to see about designing/modifying a wheelchair and seeing if it would even be helpful and how she will tolerate it. Her balance is off and shes like not coordinated but shes not in pain and shes a totally different dog this week than the week before when I honestly thought she wasnt going to make it. Shes getting electroacupuncture, laser therapy and is going to be starting hydrotherapy (water treadmill) as well.

However.....Shes currently in confinement (not allowed to jump, run, play rough, et ) and is only allowed to go outside to go to the bathroom. Weve ordered a dog stroller (vets idea) that will be here early next week so she will still be able to go for walks when the vet gives us the all clear for it (only on flat surfaces)

The main reason this is being posted is that I need ideas on toys that will keep her occupied and amused as well as keep her mind engaged. They need to be sturdy and well made for big dogs... or how to make her confinement time pass easily. We have it so she will never be alone but she still needs things to do

However, they cant be tug of war toys or things that involve chasing. We had this starmark orb thing that she got yesterday. She had it for LESS than five minutes and she not only ate the all the rings but broke the centre plastic thing from biting it and bit the main part to shreds. She also broke the Kong gyro ball toy. Im open to any product that might work and it doesnt have to be in North America (if Im able to find it online, i will give it a go no matter how much).

We do not allow her to have any toys that resemble stuffed animals (UNLESS they have a rope but she cant have roped currently since no tug of war). She likes squeaky toys so if you have any brands that dont lose their squeak after a few chomps, Im open to those too!

Thanks in advance.