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Re: How to dump a friend? - April 15th 2018, 06:50 PM

I think that ending a friendship is quite difficult but if the person is toxic it's better for you to do so. I think that not inviting her to your graduation party could be a first step but it's likely that when she finds out you will be asked why. You don't have to answer her questions but it might make you feel some sense of closure by explaining things.

The one thing I can say is that I've always felt more closure and relief when I ended a friendship by letting the person know why. I've ended two toxic friendships and I told each person why. Both people were not receptive but it helped me to know I did what I could to be honest about it. I think a lot of this is personal preference and if you think this person would be able to talk you into trying to stay friend's it's probably best to not say anything.

One thing to consider is that there are a lot of friendships that end once people graduate. The reason for this is because people get busy with their every day life and they stop initiating hang out sessions. I don't talk to a ton of my high school friends and a lot of that is because I don't initiate hanging out. Also, a lot of my friend's went to different Cities (or States) during college and hanging out didn't happen much at all. While I think high school friendships can continue to grow, it does take a lot of effort on both people's part because you won't be seeing each other every day like you do in high school. If one or both of you stops making an effort it is likely the friendship will fade out. I think this is mostly an observation I made from watching the friendships around me. I have friend's or family who are still good friend's with some of the people they were friend's with in high school and the reason is that they all made an effort to continue hanging out or talking and the people they continued making an effort with were people that they liked and didn't have huge differences of opinion with.

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