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They hate me - April 23rd 2018, 08:40 PM

We went on a swimming competition with our club.
Two groups from my club went. I was the second one. At lunch i was sitting with my friends. One of them was not very liked by anyone. Honestly i didnt see anything wrong with her but i wanted to fit in(i was new to the club). At the table me and the other girls were writing a mean song about her. I thought everything was ok cause she was smiling with us. I know i was very stupid. Later one of my friends told me she was crying. And because i am so stupid i showed the song to everybody else in my group. One of the girls took a picture of the song and posted it to everyone in the other group. Now everybody hates us because of me. I think we deserved a punishment but i still dont want everyone but my closest friends to hate us and think we are super mean (which we kind of are). I am very sorry for what i did. The friends from my group belive me cause i was crying but i dont think the others will. What can i do

P.s. sorry for the mistakes i am not good at english