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Re: HELP - June 10th 2018, 11:00 AM

Hi guys the only thing is that even after i blocked the popup my network/wifi thing on my ipad kept saying Network is no longer secure, information may be open to others,etc..... this is the actual network/wifi connection on the ipad, not the pop-up itself.

Also, even after i turned everything off, after i was still using private browser to go on Teenhelp and post this post this morning, the URL address bar at the top of the screen (where you type in web urls and site names and etc), had a red message ON it that said "Not Secure". Then after the red message, there was a line/dash thing, and THEN there was the web address written right next to it. I am scared.

I might be giving my ipad to my cousin who lives out of state in Cali. I've been considering this for a while since he's starting college and might find the tablet useful. Anyways, since his location & IP address is different, and i will obviously completely reset the ipad so it can become his (or he'll probably just reset it himself so it can become HIS ipad), would my parents still be able to track down the data if they try to get to our IP address?? They are very protective and probably have tracked down & searched through our history's & IP address history before to make sure everything was fine, and I think they're gonna do it again soon. Help?!?!?!?