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Re: I'm not sure? - June 27th 2018, 09:00 PM

That's too bad that she did that.

You'd think that if you didn't have many friends (or even if you did), you'd be grateful that people put the effort and thought into a gift you liked and be happy with it and try to work it in.

On the other hand, she might not have been trying to be disrespectful. Generally speaking, when you give someone a gift, it's helpful to include a gift receipt so that they have the option of returning the item to the store without calling attention to it. I have done this before when buying clothing for my family or friends so that if it doesn't fit, they can return it, without having to call attention it it / risk an uncomfortable situation by giving it back to me directly. It's sort of too bad that the reason she returned it was because she didn't like it and not because it was over fit... but my point is that, given that this is a common approach, it's possible that she didn't expect you and your friends to be offended by it, she might just have really not liked it and not known how else to handle it.

For example, what happens if she had 0 plans of ever wearing that stuff, but Christmas rolls around and you guys buy her more hip hop themed clothing and now she's accumulating even more stuff that she doesn't even like? If you don't even know her that well, maybe she's doing you a kindness by letting you get to know her better, even if it was an awkward way for it to happen.