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Cancer supports - November 20th 2018, 04:42 PM

[SIZE="a"]I'm not necessarily asking for medical advice, however, I need to describe what is going on for me for the support I may need.

About two months ago I started to become itchy, really itchy. I am only itchy on certain areas of my body but not others. I have ruled out bed bugs (if I had them, my entire body would be covered in bites, which it's not) and it could be an allergic reaction.

The past two weeks I noticed that these itchy spots are under my skin, they itch and become dry and scaly. It's not really raised at all, the only time it is is at the beginning under the skin. I itch away the dead skin. Which of course hurts and bleeds. It becomes crusty and gross. It goes away. It comes back. It's painful.

Two ago weeks what I noticed is the raised, crusty dry, itchy skin is actually my freckles. For example, I have one on my hand and it became itchy and one day I itched it not thinking. It was crusty and hurt. Till the crusty part came off and started to bleed, which hurt a lot. Now, looking at it, there is a scab in the centre of the freckle and another sore under it. It's still sore. The dry itchy spots are only on top of my freckles.

This is the same as on my arms. It's actually painful.

I am getting them checked out and asking for a referral to a specialist to be screened for skin cancer because I feel I am a high risk right now. Considering, me researching it and one of the signs is a mark on the top on your nose, which I have.

My questions are:
What sort of support is there for someone who has skin cancer?
What sort of thing should I look into for supports if this is skin cancer or otherwise?
How would someone cope having cancer?
How would one go about telling loved ones?

I do realize that a medical team would need to determine if that is what is going on or if it's something else. I do want to have some knowledge before and if it turns out to be nothing, I'll have information to give someone else if they need it.[/size]
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