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Re: Mattress for back pain - March 13th 2019, 03:52 PM

I can't speak for the quality of this brand, but I can say that the cost of one in stores is 100% worth it.

I was experiencing back issues that required medical care 2 years ago - I had injured my back and was causing a lot of problems and I'd have to sleep on the floor, even though it was really uncomfortable because my old bed was worse when my back was flaring up.

I personally wouldn't get a bed that you haven't tried and can't be sure it will work for you. If you didn't have a back issue for which you consulted a doctor for, I would say you could risk it, but if it's bad enough you sought medical attention, I personally feel it is really important to get a bed you've tried before purchasing.

What we did was we were able to get a bed that someone had bought, taken home, slept on for 2 or 3 nights, realized they didn't like it, and returned it. We got it 50% of as a result. We, of course, made sure it was clean, but we also didn't care that it'd been slept on for a few days because we put allergy covers on our bed due to my dust mite allergies and also it was soooooo much cheaper. You could always try to get a similar deal
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