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Re: lost a fellow marine - September 3rd 2019, 11:35 AM

Hello and welcome to teenhelp, thank you so much for joining and also sharing this with us.

I am so sorry for you're loss and hope that you will be okay soon. When we have lost someone, we will feel all kinds of different things and it is totally fine to do this. By reading what you posted, you we're very close to this person. If you are angry or upset or whatever you are feeling, just take it one day at a time
and again I am so sorry for you're loss.

Would you be able to talk to someone about this and let them know how you are feeling and doing with this? Sometimes when we have lost someone, it is good to talk about it and you can remember the good times that you both had together. Would you be able to talk to you're family or friends or talking to a therapist about this and see how it goes?

Also another thing that you can do, is you can write a letter and put everything in it that you are feeling. If you start to cry or get upset or you get angry, that is totally fine. What you are doing is getting all of the hurt and different things that you are feeling inside of you and getting them out, so that you do not hurt as much. Then when you are doing writing this, you can rip the paper into pieces and throw it away. Then try and do something to get you're mind off of this for a while or to help pick you up some. For example, going for a walk or putting on music or funny TV shows or movies or reading or drawing or writing or calling a friend or family member or finding something else that you enjoy doing.

You can try to Google grief support groups when you are up to this and you can go and talk with other people who have been through this also. They would be able to talk with you too. Sometimes when we are talking about this with other people who been through it, it feels a little bit better because they get this and how we feel. I hope that you will be okay soon.

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