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Re: Increased appetite - November 23rd 2019, 01:56 PM

Hey there, I would always advise someone to become more active such as going on walks; but given your most recent injury, that is not an option. Medication definitely has an impact on how hungry we might or might not feel. In the past few months, have you begun a new medication that might have had an impact on your appetite? Also, I know from experience that acid reflux can sometimes create phantom hunger pangs; so the next question I have is are you also drinking anything that could create acid reflux? I know that is an unpleasant thought; but the 'hunger pangs' can cause us to eat even when we're not hungry.

While your doctors might have the best intent in mind, you have to be mindeful of what works for you. If increasing calorie intake does not work for you, and you're already worried about how obese you are... AND you are unable to move around due to your injury... then I would advise against it. Could you ask your doctors for alternatives that could help boost recovery?

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