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And again... - February 27th 2020, 02:04 PM

I had a good Tuesday. I interacted with a lot of gym members and had a good few laughs. Helped people at the gym when needed and was generally social. Only... I'd had 4 cups of coffee. I couldn't sleep and had to get up at 4 AM the next morning so my uncle could take me to work, since he was working early too.

That day was also going well. I was chatting to people here and there, giving smiles and happy nods. It was a quiet shift so there weren't too many people. Despite my tiredness I felt ok. Right up until the manager decided to become difficult.

He took me into the office and sat me down right in front of the office entrance, so it was already difficult to concentrate on what he was saying when there was a lot of music from the gym floor playing behind me. He was trying to give me advice again about talking to people (at this point he just tries to force me to do this the way he wants over and over) and the conversation was mostly him talking and me listening. At one point I was just sat quietly nodding to him trying to soak up the information he was giving me, when out of the blue he was like, 'That's a sarcastic nod.' I looked at him in shock and surprise. He repeated himself... 'That's a sarcastic nod.'. I said to him I was trying to absorb what he was saying to me, and shortly after the conversation ended.

I was really wound up from his behaviour. What exactly is a sarcastic nod? How does one translate conversation tone and words into a slow, nodding movement with retained eye contact and determine it to be 'sarcastic'?

Already I have a poor opinion of him. Shortly after I first started, I already wasn't too keen on him, but when I was sat in the staffroom and he came in, then instantly told another PT, 'I had a right mong earlier...' and started telling them about how some girl was so bad at weights and trying to do anything he instructed, then finished his speech to the PT with, 'Why are you even in the gym you retard?'.

I wish I'd recorded that so I could sent it off to higher management. He is such a bad manager. Imagine if someone heard him talk like that? Imagine if it was that girl? I bet she wouldn't ever want to come back.

Today things just piled up on me. I got to the gym early again. Did my workout. Sat at the kiosk desk near the entrance for a bit, and then started to feel 'the' pain. I knew my period had started and I started feeling very drained. Thankfully I had sanitary products, but nothing for the pain. I was going to try and push through it but things just kept piling up.

I had an email that my business card order got delayed because the images and text were blurry. I've already had to wait 2 months to be able to afford them as is and then that happened when I finally could. Then I got an email about 45 minutes later from a girl whom I've been having consultations and chats with as she's a potential client. She was asking if I would be in today at around 2:30 PM... but I was already feeling unwell and even if I did stay, I was set to go home at 2:30 PM as my uncle was picking me up. I had to inform her I'm unavailable today but will be around tomorrow from 2:30 until 4 PM. I knew I'd lost her as a potential client the moment she asked me if there will be any other PT's available instead. I politely let her know that management will be in the office.... but there went that.

I ended up coming home because the manager was in. I wasn't in the mood for his behaviour. He already was showing signs of being an a-hole when he was pretending to kick me whilst walking past me on the gym floor. I just didn't want to deal with him on top of everything else. If I'd stayed I knew I'd probably have said something bad to him that could get me in trouble and ruin my chances.

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