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Re: And again... - March 1st 2020, 11:35 PM


I hope that you are doing a little bit better now and I am so sorry about all of this that has happened to you.

Sometimes when we are working with others we may not always get along with them because of how they acting and it does not matter if they do the same job or they are doing a different job or they are the manager or owner. They sometimes think that they are better than us or if they mess up on something they like to try and put it on someone so that they are not getting into trouble. That is not okay to do.

When things are happening like this or something is going wrong, try you're best to walk away if you can and try to find something to get you're mind off of this until you are doing okay. Taking a walk around the building inside or if you can put on you're headphones or earbuds and listen to one song or draw on paper for a few minutes or something else that you enjoy doing that can help you out for a while.

When you are not feeling well it is hard to work or focus on what you are doing. If you can try to have a small bag on you or in you're car and have tylenol or something else in this that you can take to help you out for a while. I hope that you will be okay soon. Sending you lots of hugs to help.

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