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Re: Debate corner: Does God exist? - January 13th 2009, 03:48 AM

Apparently the mistake is mine in defining the Christian God as omnipotent, when a web search claims otherwise (with exceptions). As such I withdraw my claim that because a Christian God is omnipotent and omnipotence is impossible, that God is impossible.

As arguments for the existence of God (the burden of proof) lie mostly in phenomena that are possibly, albeit unlikely, caused naturally, the only remaining argument is faith and such similar arguments based on religious texts, etc.
If there exist arguments against the existence of God that lie on the plane of logical thought, and if, as you say, there exist only arguments for his existence that are centered on belief, then you are essentially saying that there is no way to prove God exists, as belief is the only way to make him exist. This is, in my eyes, a form of circular logic, which is a fallacy:

-Because God exists, I believe in him.
-I believe in God, therefore God exists.

Yes, it is far easier to prove things wrong than to prove them right.
That still does not make it my responsibility to prove that God doesn't exist (it simply states that proving something wrong is easier) unless and until indisputable evidence is brought up to prove God's existence. At that point the burden of proof shifts to me to disprove the evidence, and therefore, the statement that God exists. Until then anyone here who makes the claim that God exists must supply evidence of such. Extraordinary claims do, after all, require extraordinary evidence.

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