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Re: UKCAT / BMAT (UK) - May 9th 2009, 09:52 AM

I know a number of people who applied for Medicine and chose a mixture of the teaching styles. I stuck to one style (primarily lecture based) because it has been known for interviewers to ask about your other universities (although it's strictly not supposed to happen) and I didn't want to be put into the difficult and embarassing situation of having to explain why I had chosen to apply to universites that teach by such contrasting methods! Obviously, I suppose it depends on which universities you've chosen - but that's my reasoning.

If you have a decent set of GCSEs and are lecture-inclined, take a look at Birmingham. Also, have you considered Leicester? I'd warn you that KCL and BSMS are very competitive in terms of the sheer number of applicants they receive and I believe the UKCAT may be integral to their decisions!

As for myself, I applied to Cambridge, UCL, Birmingham and Bristol and was fortunate to get offers from all four. Provided you can get 5,5,9 in your BMAT and fufill all the other requirements UCL guarantee you an interview (or they did for 09 entry, this may have changed) - I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you can crack the physics part of the BMAT. In the actual exam, there will probably only be about 5 questions or so that are physics - I could only answer one in my exam! I had forgotten pretty much everything from GCSE and had to cover it all again before the exam, so I'm not entirely sure if I had any advantage at all. If your other sciences and maths are up to scratch you should still get a decent score. Although you think you're at a disadvantage, if I remember correctly you're doing English Lit at A Level, right? Your section 3 essay will probably a doddle then compared to those who haven't written an essay since GCSE.

Hope that helps, I have waffled on a bit :