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Re: Pro-Life? Pro-Choice? - May 24th 2009, 05:35 AM

If you are pro-choice, why? Would you, yourself, have an abortion? Are you against abortion but believe each to their own?

I personally don't think I would have an abortion unless there was a serious health risk, but not everyone thinks the same way I do.

I'm pro-choice because I don't believe women should be forced to carry a baby they don't want, and the baby shouldn't have to live with that either. Let's face it; if abortion is made illegal, women are just going to start having back-alley abortions, attempting to miscarry, or leaving their babies in dumpsters.

I don't encourage abortion, but when the woman and/or the baby's life is in danger, if the baby is a product of rape, or if the parents cannot provide for the baby, it should be allowed.

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