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just as things started to get better.. - May 25th 2009, 09:06 PM

okay so this year has been FULL of drama. It first started off with me ending it with my ex-best friend, and then just other little things. Either way this lasted from the beginning of the school year until about march or april.

So nowwwww, just as things were going great for me, I feel that me and my current bestfriend are seperating now. Not for any particular reason, just cause. I know it's normal for that to happen but it would be a shame if we did seperate because we clicked immediately. But the thing is.. i can't bring myself to talk to her about it. i don't know why, I reallllllyyy just can't do it. I think maybe it's becuase she can be quite mean to me sometimes, when shes pissed off or something like that. She's had major friendship problems in the past, as I have, but I think it's had a bigger impact on her than it has on me. I even remember her telling me once that "this year for friends has been too good to be true.. I can never keep a friend" or something along the lines of this.

She seemed a bit mad today, I hadn't talked to her all weekend, I don't know if that had something to do with it but either way she seemed mad about something. Only towards me, too. Afterwards she seemed a bit better, but still put-off, but I just left it cause I know from experience that if I try to force it out of her that just makes her even more mad and yea.. She didn't even come to our locker today (we share one) and she always does, but today I'm guessing she just went right home. She didn't call me or anything, either.

My mom thinks that maybe she knows we're seperating, too.. maybe shes even trying to make it a bit easier :/ i don't know. But I have been hanging out with a bunch of different people that I met this year, too. They're all SOOO nice and fun, but, of course, my 'best friend' doesn't like them and thinks that theyre all "SOOO stupid and immature!" (which were her exact words) The thing is.. she doenst know them at ALLL! Thats another thing about her, she thinks she knows everything about everyone, even though she doesnt know them at all.

I just need advice on whether to leave it.. or... I don't even know. But with... what... 15 days until exams start, I'm wondering if there's even a point in talking to her because I know for a fact that chances are we were going to seperate during the summer anyways. I think she's going on vacation, and I'm going to try and get up north to my cottage as much as possible cause I dont spend a lot of time up there. I also want to hang out with all the new friends I've made this year.

But yea like I said, I just need to know if leaving it, and just seeing how things play out is the right thing to do? What do you think?

Oh and another thing that's making me a bit nervous is that my bestfriend now, and my ex bestfriend are still friends :/ I have NO idea why, but I'm just a bit nervous that if me and my current bestfriend do seperate, that she'll go to my ex-bestfriend and say "oh you were right about her blah blah" which isnt true at all (my ex-bestfriend talks about me, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about when it comes to this)