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Re: just as things started to get better.. - May 29th 2009, 04:04 AM

Friendship are important. If you have one or two good friends then you are doing okay! (Personally I'm doing kinda bad, haha!)

I think you need to attempt to fix this friendship. From what I see in your post is that this friendship is important for the both of you! Personally, I think the issue is jealously and horrible communication. Maybe your friend feels that she's lost you because you've made some new friends. She may feel like she's second fiddle; (I play second violin in the orchestra... The firsts annoy the hell out of me!).

I think you need to talk to her. She's obviously upset with something. And the fact that you haven't made any effort to communicate your concerns to her probably upsets her even more. You are gonna have to talk to her, there's really nothing else you can do but talk to her. I'm currently trying to repair a friendship (been trying for ages) and we are both afraid to say 'hi' to the other... He will rarely initiate a conversation with me so most of the time I think he hates me, however he'll tell just the opposite when I make the effort to talk to him. Because we don't talk to each other we are forced to "read" each other. Since humans are all different, reading someone requires a gift not very many people have... We often get angry and frustrated because we don't communicate... This very thing might be what's happening to your friendship... COMMUNICATION IT CRUCIAL!!!

You can still talk during the summer to stay connected... Phones were invented so people could talk to each other without being in the same room! Take advantage of them!