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really? again? - June 11th 2009, 12:59 AM

it was 1996.
a tiny little girl clung to a small cardboard box.
the truck they were riding in sputtered, and she giggled.
once again she peered inside the box.
it was pretty pointless, it just looked dark in there.
but she looked in anyway.
getting frustrated, she stuck a tiny finger into a hole in the box.
a wet sandpaper tongue scraped her finger, and she burst out laughing.
her dad turned, scolded her for sticking her finger in the box.
"she might scratch you!" he warned.
she didn't care.
her blonde curls bounced around her little shoulders.
her hands tightened around the box which held her new friend.
moggy, the cat.
that little girl was me.
moggy was my cat.
she was an outdoor cat, because my mom realized she was allergic soon after we got her.
but she was just fine outside.
when we moved to new mexico, my kitten came with us.
we stayed in a little apartment there while my dad looked for a job.
one day moggy wasn't hanging around the apartment.
we got worried, and put up lost cat signs.
my parents weren't that worried, as it had only been a couple days.
but i persuaded them.
pretty soon a lady in the building called.
she said she had our cat and we were welcome to come get her back.
when my dad went to get her, she tried to scramble back into the lady's house.
she didn't like my dad too much.
in 1998, we moved to arizona.
kitty came with us.
on easter, she would sit in the easter baskets.
sometimes fall asleep, but mostly just sit in there.
she was the most tolerant cat in the world.
when my brothers were born, she got ignored so much.
with two newborns in the house we forgot about her a lot.
finally, my brothers learned to crawl, and we took them outside.
moggy hated them at first.
realized they were directing all attention away from her.
but i'll always remember how she acted around the babies.
she'd just lay there, watching them.
they could pull her tail, step on her, kick her, she didn't seem to mind.
if it got to be too much she'd walk away.
but she never, ever hurt anybody.
when we moved into a rental house in arizona, she obviously came with us.
it was only temporary though, so we kept her inside.
she slept in my room.
at night, she'd curl up at the end of my bed.
i'd fall asleep with my feet under her warm body.
and wake up at ridiculous hours of the morning.
to a cat pouncing on my feet.
i guess i kick in my sleep.
but even though i kicked her at night, she always came to me.
sometimes not till i'd been in bed for a while, but still.
i'd lay there, and see that sliver of light from my door expand.
as she pushed it open and wandered in.
she never left me alone for too long.
somewhere along the way, we inhereited another kitten.
kitten kitten, he was such a baby.
and he had just been weaned, and wasn't getting on with it too well.
he started using moggy to nurse, even though he wasn't getting any milk from her.
she didn't push him off, and he ended up literally pulling her stomach down.
hence my dad calling her "fat cat."
for eight years in arizona, she was always there.
she knew when we got home from school, she knew when my dad got home from work.
she knew when we would come out to feed her, she knew if she looked pathetic enough we'd let her inside.
every day after school she was waiting for me.
every time i went in the backyard, she was there.
every time i needed someone to talk to, she wouldn't judge me.
when we got my dog, she was maaaaaad.
she hated that puppy.
always hitting her on the nose and hissing at her.
but who could blame her?
it was rare we abandoned the tiny puppy to play with the fat cat.
but she stuck around.
still waited after school, still hung out the backyard.
whenever that puppy got to be too much, i knew she was always there.
mellow, quiet, independent.
everything my dog wasn't.
she was a great escape, a great companion.
she was just always...there.
when we moved to california, we obviously took her.
she was getting old but only in years.
she didn't act older, look older, seem older.
we would always joke about her being the invincible cat.
here she got into fights with raccoons and other cats.
sometimes i'd be awake at night.
and i'd hear her crying, yowling, struggling.
i always could pick out her voice.
and i'd have to run downstairs and break up another fight.
usually it was with this big white and orange cat.
that still hangs around my house.
moggy stuck around my dog way more, which is unlike her.
but i guess a huge loud dog works well for protection.
every morning of eighth grade i would walk to the bus stop.
and she'd follow me to the main road then stop.
she'd sit there and wait till i got on the bus, then go home.
the other girls at my bus stop would always call her over, try and get her to cross the street.
but she never even looked at them.
every day after school she'd be waiting at the bus stop.
walk up the hill with me.
as the year progressed, i started to beat her home.
but it was such a slow progression, i never really noticed.
when i started high school, she would watch me and my mom drive off in the morning.
and as soon as we pulled into the driveway after school she was there.
she'd be rolling around in the sun, just waiting for us to come home.
she'd follow us to the front door, looking pathetic until we petted her.
she was so easy to please.
food. water. attention.
she would've been thirteen today.

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