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Re: Obama: Gay pride month. - June 17th 2009, 04:20 AM

Originally Posted by xHolyValorx View Post
No... But when you say you're a Christian and all this and that when you're running in an election, then your motives change...? Come on. The point I brought wasn't intended to do with homosexuality.

Ok, Let's rephrase this now that I saw many people quoted me.

I'm not bringing homosexuality up. That's not what's important. I understand what you guys are saying and I think you misunderstood... All the Christians were for Obama, they thought, "Oh, he's a Christian man, we're going to get our way." And then he's in an election and he does something like this. I agree with a president having a wide variety of acceptance, but I just don't like it when candidates turn on you, you know?
Actually he's always stated that he supports gay rights. Did you watch any of the pre-election debates? He doesn't support gay marriage, but gay pride month isn't specific to marriage. So he didn't turn on anyone at all. If people didn't pay attention properly to him or made assumptions based on his religion and now feel betrayed, that's their own fault.

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