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Re: Puppy flushed down toilet. - June 17th 2009, 05:29 AM

Originally Posted by YourNightmare View Post
That's wonderful that you've worked with pre-schoolers and yes, I have met many young kids, including 4-year olds. I never said that they don't do stupid things, however, seeing as how the puppy is very small and small things go bye-bye down the drain, I assume that someone that young could put two-and-two together.

The dog will be fine? Unless you have a time-traveling device, can you tell me how you are able to know the future, not predict or estimate, as you're not doing those, but actually know the exact outcome.

You're right, the parents cannot watch the kids 24/7, and I do applaud them on the fact that the mother was quick enough to react properly and call the proper individuals to rescue the dog.
How can you say in one breath that you know 4 year olds do stupid things and then say in another breath that it's fair to assume one would know better? A puppy looks big to a 4 year old, so it's not obvious to them that it will fit through the hole. ESPECIALLY boys, who tend to be hyper and impulsive (which lowers thinking ability).

Way to twist my words. Of course nobody can predict the future. It IS however SAFE TO SAY the dog will PROBABLY be safe, because the KID KNOWS BETTER NOW and the parents will probably be keeping a closer eye on the kid and the dog. Unless there are other incidents of the kid doing things to hurt animals, which there doesn't appear to be, it is safe to say this was an innocent, one-time only accident.

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