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Re: Debate corner: Does God exist? - January 15th 2009, 04:45 AM

So wait, if I claim something and then state that I really, honestly, and truly believe in what I'm saying, then it's true? Fuck that. I'm sick of people thinking appeals to emotion are still valid. Unless you can actually contribute something to this thread other than your srs nd for realz feeling then stop posting.

In order to prevent an ironic incident of hypocrisy, I'd like to posit that, if God did exist, there would be no suffering in the world.

Skydaddy is described as perfectly loving (1 John 4:9-18), all-powerful (Matthew 19:26) and all-knowing (Psalm 147:4-5). Anything which is not these things is not Skydaddy.

So, this gives us a skydaddy who loves us all more than it's possible to understand (he is love, supposedly), is capable of doing quite literally anything and knows absolutely everything that ever happens.

So, Why was my friend raped repeatedly during her childhood? Why was another left battered and bleeding in an alleyway to die like a fucking animal? Why do THIRTY FUCKING THOUSAND children starve to death EVERY. SINGLE. DAY? Why are a PATHETIC sixteen percent of rapists ever imprisoned? Human history has been fucking RIDDLED with these things - it's hardly a human history, it's a history of the inhuman. And, according to you people, some ethereal father-figure has been sitting there, capable of STOPPING this (All-powerful), KNOWING of this (All-knowing), 'LOVING' us (Perfectly-loving), and he has been doing NOTHING?

Even if such a deity were to exist, if through all of the mind-bogglingly obvious logical inconsistencies, even IF such a creature could exist, it would be no more worthy of adoration than Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein or any other of the innumerable examples of human filth history offers up.