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Re: Starting Senior Year this fall, have a few "bugs/zits/annoyances" to fix.. - June 19th 2009, 10:05 PM

Hmmm. I heard even with a CC the UCs are just tough nuts to crack. >_< However, I also have a personal friend who, despite all of the doubting people did with her, went the CC route and was accepted into one of the UCs.
Do you have an excuse as to why there are the D's? Perhaps a family problem, personal struggle? You could include that in your essay.
Also, what do you want to major in? Have you showed great interest in taking/participating in classes/outside activities that express this interest?
Colleges want to see dedication and aptitude in potential applicants. One is not really valuable without the other so make sure to show you have both somehow to the UCs [go there because you have a reason and it's a good fit for you] and perhaps the Adcoms will see something in your application gaining you admission despite your otherwise low GPA.

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